Coffee Six8

We only source ethically traded coffee from self-sufficient and sustainable small lot farms, ensuring lot owners are paid a decent price and that slave labour is not a part of the process. Decent wages help reduce the risk of poverty and provide the farmers with a sustainable income.

Our coffee comes from countries such as East Timor, Ethiopia, Columbia and Brazil, where small lot owners work hard to preserve the environment in which their coffee is grown, as their livelihood depends on the production of high quality coffee to be trader around the world. In most underprivileged areas fertilizers and pesticides have not been introduced, resulting in passively organic coffee crops.

By purchasing ethically traded coffee we are also assisting the communities in which the small lot owners live, with local governments often contributing to infrastructure within the region in an effort to grow the coffee industry to benefit the local economy.

Sustainability for us is not just how were source and purchase our coffee but also the way in which we operate the day to day running of our business. With every purchase we look into how the product is produced, the impact production has on our planet and the people who produce the product, as well as how it will be disposed of once used. We used ceramic cups, custom made by a local potter in our coffee bar and encourage customers to take a moment to enjoy their coffee instead of taking away. For those who can’t stay, we offer biodegradable coffee cups that are also compostable. Better still we encourage the purchase of an insulated travel cup, that can be used over and over again.

We believe in sustainable practices when employing staff, paying decent wages and a commitment to treating every member of our team with fairness and respect. We work alongside other social entrepreneurs who hold the same values as we do, ensuring the use of sustainable products that have low impact on the environment and directly supporting the producer when they can.

The coffee bar and roastery opening hours reflect our commitment to a sustainable work life balance, as how can we strive to help others if the ones closest to us suffer. To this effect, we encourage families, friends and special interest groups to come together over a cup of our specialty coffee, tea or drinking chocolate and grow sustainable friendships, that will last a lifetime.

“We only source ethically traded coffee from self-sufficient and sustainable small lot farms” – Daniel Neuhaus, Coffee six8