Our People


An Introduction

At Six8 it’s not just all about the coffee. We are extremely passionate about people.
From the small lot farmers through who we source our coffee beans, to the family run dairy
where we buy our milk. From the local staff we employ and the community we serve, to the
social entrepreneur’s we share a retail space with and the cafe owners who stock our coffee.
Every person we build a relationship with holds a special significance.

Our ethically traded coffee comes from sustainable farms in countries where small lot owners
care about their land and the coffee beans they produce. We find comfort in knowing that by
buying coffee from small lot farmers, they will be paid a decent price and be able to support their
families, their workers and the communities in which they live.

Buying Local

Buying milk from the family run dairy means that a fair price is paid directly to the family
business, instead of it being skimmed as it travels along traditional supply chains. By employing
locals, we are not only supporting the members of our team, but also their family and our

Lastly, part of the proceeds from every kilo of coffee beans sold and every cup of coffee drank
goes toward supporting the most important people in our quest to make a difference; vulnerable
children and families who struggle each day just to stay alive. Years of living among families in
some of the most underprivileged areas of countries such as Cambodia and Thailand opened
our eyes to a world of human trafficking, bonded labour and sex trade.

Children who could not
be fed by their families, were sold for $50 and the promise of a better life, which unfortunately would not hold true. We were told stories of young girls forced into prostitution by drug addicted
parents and young boys trained to sell themselves on busy tourist beaches.


These stories continue to haunt us; but we are determined to make a difference. We are
determined to do all that we can to ensure one day these stories will become only horrible
moments in history, never to be repeated.

We support and advocate for charities and organisations that are on the ground in these areas,
working to bring justice to the most disadvantaged. We were fortunate to be able to provide
training and assistance to a ministry, working in one of the poorest provinces of Thailand. This
support enabled the ministry to start a cafe that provides training and an income to young men
and women who are at risk of entering into a life of prostitution. It also assists those who wish to
leave that life behind.

Every coffee can make a difference. Every coffee can change a life. Make yours count!
‘Tamar Center Korat is so thankful to 6:8 Coffee Project for coming to Thailand and helping us
set up our cafe. The cafe is helping us to raise much needed finances to continue our work with
children, Teens and women at risk, the profit from our cafe will also provide income and training
to young women and men who are at risk of entering into prostitution or want to start life a fresh.
Tamar Center Korat works in the villages of Isaan, bringing the love of God in the villages,
teaching children and teens about their value and identity, teaching biblical family system to
parents and reaching out to women in the streets’.
Yoyo Chusi
Director, Tamar Centre, Korat





Every coffee can make a difference.

Every coffee can change a life.

Make yours count!