“…stories of children being sold for $50, with the un-fulfilled promise of a better life, because the family is too poor to feed them; countless stories of young girls selling their bodies on the street, to bring home money to their drug addicted parents; stories of pimps coming to poor villages and taking the young boys to train them how to make ‘easy money’ by selling themselves on the tourist beaches… We are determined that people’s lives and situations be changed. And we will do it, 1 person at a time, 1 coffee at a time.”


Six8 Coffee Roasters combines our passion for great coffee and a need to see justice for
vulnerable people being exploited in a hurting world.

While travelling to many countries and living with people in poverty-stricken conditions, we heard countless heartbreaking stories of survival. Haunted by these stories, we vowed to make a difference.
Eight years on and four children happier, we are proud to own and operate a specialty coffee bar and roastery, that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices.

We are supported by a caring and inclusive community in the small country town of Yass, not
far from Canberra.

Ideally situated just a few minutes off the Hume Highway, we welcome travellers looking to
break their journey and recharge with a caffeine hit. Realisation takes place soon after the first
sip, that the coffee roasted by Six8 is much more than just a caffeine hit. Before departing, the
revitalised traveller drops a pin on Yass in Google maps and marks it ‘Six8 – Great Coffee’ for
next time they are passing by.

Through working in ministries in some of the poorest countries, we heard stories of people
trapped in modern day slavery. Our passion for crafting the perfect cup of coffee, allows us to
support people who are unable to support themselves, so that they don’t end up in
unfathomable situations, just by trying to survive. One dollar from every kilogram and 10 cents
from every coffee we make goes directly to causes that are putting a stop to these
heartbreaking situations.


Take a detour next time you’re travelling along the Hume or Barton highway and drop in to say
hi. Discover the flavours of our specialty coffee and grab yourself a bag of freshly roasted
beans. Feel proud in the knowledge that every time someone supports us, we support another
human being less fortunate.

See you soon.
Dan and Toni
Six8 Coffee Roasters

Cambodia Slum Ministry (CSM) Thanks [Six8 Coffee Roasters] a lot for your contributions
USD$ to CSM children ministry, you’ve demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of
CSM for children with intellectual hopeless in Cambodia Our mission that promotes and protects
the rights of children and youth with intellectual and physical hopeless, empowers families,
communities and engages government to be more responsive. So your donation is really helpful
in carrying out our tasks and can continue our activities. There is no way to fully express our
gratitude for your loyalty and blessings. We at CSM are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of supporter like you and your ministry who answer children needs. It is our hope
that this great contribution will continue to support our operation for children, so our profound
thanks for your donation and generosity. We look forward to a continuing partnership with you.
Beourn & Suchada San Directors, Cambodia Slum Ministry